"Nothing is Happening at Fox News"

The BBC staked out the Fox News headquarters in New York to try and land an interview with Fox boss Rupert Murdoch.

BBC Reporter Amol Rajan said he requested an interview with Murdoch, but was turned down. So he waited outside Fox HQ waiting for Murdoch.

He wanted to see if the Fox boss was worried about Ofcom (the British version of the FCC) and what they might say about Murdoch's effort to acquire SkyNews?

Rajan wanted to know with all the problems lately it Fox News, if Murdoch was worried it might hinder the deal with Ofcom. 

Lawyer Douglas H. Wigdor, who is representing a number of people that are suing Fox News, had this response to the video:
“This is yet another example of 18th Century Fox and the Chairman’s refusal to even acknowledge the systemic race and gender discrimination allegations which I look forward to presenting to Ofcom on Thursday.   If Mr. Murdoch truly believes that “nothing is happening at Fox News,” perhaps I could enlighten him by meeting with him and explaining the accounts of the 21 people I am privileged to represent in connection with their race discrimination, gender discrimination, and retaliation claims. ”