It Was a Business Decision

Last week, FTVLIve told you that Jessica Golloher, a Fox News Radio Reporter said she was fired after she reached out to  21st Century Fox's independent investigator requesting a meeting to discuss her treatment.

But, Fox News says that was budget cuts and nothing more.

Fox News radio has been going under some cuts and they say that Golloher's job was one of those that was slated to be eliminated. 

She was based in the Jerusalem Bureau, that was started up during the Iraq war. Fox has decided they could make cuts in that bureau and that Golloher's job was one of those that was eliminated. "There are only a handful of employees at the Jerusalem bureau and, it was determined, redundant to have two TV reporters and a radio reporter such a small bureau," a Fox News source tells FTVLive. 

As to her complaints to the Paul Weiss law firm that is acting as Fox's independent investigator? A source tells FTVLive that the firm followed up with Golloher twice following her email and never heard back from her. 

Fox News says her cut was nothing more than a business decision. 

Golloher says it was retaliation for her contacting Fox's independent investigator.

Now, it's up for the courts to decide.