Break The Mold!

This is a job posting for a Sports person at Tegna owned KUSA.

The job is for a "Multiskilled" Journalist that can shoot, write, edit, post to social media, carry on a chatroom, clean the toilet and sweep the parking lot.

The post reads:

"If your idea of different is tearing up your bracket on TV, talking louder, or throwing in some sports slang, THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. (emphasis added) 'We want someone with an opinion who isn't afraid to share it."

Is that the "journalist" or the "multiskilled" part of the job? 

New! Different! Break the mold! Stand out! Good old fashioned hard work! All great buzzwords, but no mention of any experience being required.

No mention on what the job pays either. 

I'm guessing it will pay lower than the previous person to hold the job.

That's one mold, Tegna is not going to break.