Well.... That's a Bit Awkward...

KXRM (Colorado Springs) Anchor Craig Coffey does a segment called "Job Swap" where he does another person's job. Yeah I know....it's not exactly an original idea.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Coffey decided to to the job of morning radio DJ Captain Dan Jackson of Sunny 106.3.

Coffey got up early and saw what it was like to be a morning radio DJ and stepped into Capt. Dan's shoes.

Before the Nexstar station could run the story, Capt. Dan was fired from his radio job. Of course, that did not stop the station from running the story and they tagged it out by saying Capt. Dan was sacked. 

No word if Coffey will now swap jobs with Capt. Dan on the unemployment line soon.

Here's the story they did: