Thank You 30 Million Times

Well, I'm here....I think.

After driving back from South Florida and not getting in the FTVLive World Headquarters until late and then getting the 2:45AM wake up call, Today's FTVLIve is sponsored by Redbull. 

I'm tired, but the show must go on. 

FTVLive was in South Florida for what was supposed to be a couple of meetings, some golf and some R&R.

It ended up with me still posting updates. Taking two calls from cable news executives, going through hundreds of emails and dealing with a cease and desist email from Scripps. In other words, business as usual. 

It appears that while I was away,  FTVLive past the 30 million visitor mark to this website. 

That is a big milestone and we want to thank all of you and the great sponsors of FTVLive that have help make it all happen. 

Now....let's do some news......