Sinclair Moves Closer to Buying Tribune

Sinclair thought they were going to get the Tribune stations for a fairly good deal. Then Fox stepped in and has driven up the price.

Sinclair was hoping to buy the Tribune stations by offering a around $38 dollars a share. Now, the price has gone up to $44 bucks a share and a deal could be announced as early as this morning.

Sinclair really wants the Tribune stations and this scares the hell out of Fox News. 

As FTVLive has told you, Sinclair could be more of a competitor to Fox News then CNN and MSNBC ever were. 

Here's why?

Sinclair's suits have always looked at Fox News as too liberal a network. It sounds crazy, but it's true. They think there is a room for a "true conservative" voice on TV and they want to be it.

Face it, the Fox News faithful are going to watch Fox News, no matter what is on, long before they will ever turn the channel to the liberal CNN or MSNBC. 

But, what if Sinclair gave the right wing another option?

What if they put on a channel that was even more conservative then Fox?

If Sinclair gets a hold of the Tribune and a powerhouse station like WGN, with deep cable penetration across the country, then Fox News might have someone that could give them a run for their money.

This is why Fox is very interested in trying to stop Sinclair from acquiring Tribune. 

I can assure you Sinclair scares Fox News as much as a lawyer with a sexual harassment suit in his hand. 

Sinclair shows no let up in willing to pay whatever they have to to buy Tribune. This deal will shake both the broadcast and cable to its core. 

Don't be shocked if Sinclair gets the Tribune stations, that you see them announce they have also hired Bill O'Reilly. Sources tell FTVLive that talk inside Sinclair's corner officers have included O'Reilly's name. 

Stay tune people, this might not end well for a lot of people.