Raycom Wants Employees To Buy Their Own Logo'd Clothes

For as long as we can remember, stations have wanted employees to promote their brand. That's why reporters and photographers are given hats, t-shirts and jackets to wear in the field.

If you work at Raycom's WSFA-TV in Montgomery, you have to buy your station merchandise. That's right, buy it. And the stuff isn't cheap.

It appears the mastermind behind this may be the station's general sales manager. That doesn't shock us, because you know sales guys, they'd sell air to their mother if it meant making a buck. Here's the memo outlining how it all works. Subsequently, there are a lot of pissed off people at WSFA.

From: "Gold, Jeff" <jsgold@wsfa.com>
Date: May 3, 2017 at 5:02:00 PM CDT
To: All WSFA <All_WSFA@wsfa.com>
Cc: "Israel, Mason" <mason.israel@proforma.com>
Subject: New WSFA apparel store!


Here is the link to the New WSFA store!

You can log onto the website and purchase any of the items in the store. If the Item your looking for is not in the store. Let me know and we can get it added if there is enough demand on it.

Also, these are individual prices. If you organize and purchase in higher quantity numbers, it brings the individual prices down.

For Example-

If the sales team is all interested in getting collar shirts, lets organize and find out a total number people want to order, Colors, Sizes etc.

Then we will find out the discounted rate and collect the money and submit one payment to the company.

If you have questions, please let me know. Unfortunately, we do not have the budget to purchase these items for you. But we wanted to give everyone the option of purchasing some of their own gear.



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