Charges Dropped Against San Antonio Sports Anchor

A DA has dismissed the charges against a San Antonio Sports Anchor that was arrested back in March.

The District Attorney’s Office has decided to dismiss an evading arrest case against Univision sports anchor Johnathan Solarte, his lawyers said Wednesday afternoon.

The 31-year-old was arrested in March after a sheriff’s deputy said Solarte refused to stop when the deputy tried to pull him over.

Solarte’s lawyers said there was no evidence that he did what he was accused of and are happy that their client has been cleared.

“Making sure that people are just as aware when they've been vindicated and completely cleared, that's just as important, so we're very, very pleased,” said Cynthia Orr, a partner at Goldstein, Goldstein and Hilley.

The felony charge of evading arrest was dismissed with prejudice, which means Solarte cannot be charged or indicted for the crime.