We Now Know Where the Line is with CNN

You can take your shirt off on live television. 

You can talk to Anderson Cooper about having sex. 

You can parade almost naked in the snow in Times Square. 

But, you can't hold up a mock severed head of the President of the United Sates. Kathy Griffin has finally figured out where CNN draws the line and that's it. 

Griffin came under fire after a photo shoot in which she held up the dummy head of what was supposed to look like Donald Trump. 

After the picture was posted on the internet, people were enraged and Griffin kind of, sort of apologized. 

For some reason, it still took CNN a day to figure out that maybe this isn't good for the network and they have now decided to fire her from their New Year's Eve show on the network. 

So, now the network is looking for someone else to stand next to "Journalist" Anderson Cooper and take their shirt off. 

Kathy Griffin has finally crossed Jeff Zucker's line.