Sinclair Employee Now Part of Russian Investigation


It appears that Sinclair's Boris Epshteyn might need some time off of work, so he can testify before congress about his role in the Trump administration and it's dealing with Russia. 

Epshteyn, who the hard right leaning Sinclair touted as a big hire as been asked for information and testimony from the House Intelligence Committee. 

His lawyer provided this statement:

"Like many others, Mr. Epshteyn has received a broad, preliminary request for information from the House Intelligence Committee. This is a voluntary request. Mr. Epshteyn has not been subpoenaed nor do we anticipate that he will be. We have reached out to the Committee wth several follow up questions and we are awaiting their response in order to better understand what information they are seeking and whether Mr. Epshteyn is able to reasonably provide it."

Epshteyn appears to be the sixth Trump associate whose activities are being examined in the rapidly widening Congressional investigation.

ABC News writes that Epshteyn served as the special assistant to the president in charge of surrogate operations before leaving his post in March.

The White House offered no explanation for his abrupt departure. Although a senior Trump administration official initially told ABC News that they were “exploring opportunities within the administration” for Epshteyn, he has since joined the conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcasting as a political analyst.

Sinclair has made no comment about their employee being involved in the Russia investigation.