O-Town Station Tries to be First Instead of Right

A man waving a fake gun around at the Orlando Airport caused quite a commotion and sent TV news crews scrambling to the scene. 

The man held police at bay and WESH's Jim Payne in an effort to be first and not correct reported that the suspect was arrested, according to WESH sources:

The Orlando Police took to Twitter to say that information was not correct: 

Payne deleted the tweet and issued one with correct information. 

OPD finally did get the man into custody and then sent out this tweet: 

At a time when people are calling the media "fake news" and keeping a close eye on everything they do, the media needs to be spot on with their information and facts. The bad tweet by Jim Payne certainly did not help his credibility, but it hurt all of the media as well. 

Deleting the tweet took seconds, but the credibility hit will be around for a longtime. 

Just saying.....