Re-upped at MSNBC

Phil Griffin has more lives than a cat. 

For years, Griffin, the head of MSNBC has been rumored to be out of a job at any movement, has just signed a new deal to stay on at the left leaning network. 

This time, Griffin might have Donald Trump to thank for it. 

Since Trump has taken office, MSNBC has watched their ratings soar. The ratings are so good, it is not uncommon for MSNBC to top longtime leader Fox News in the ratings. 

Griffin has been at MSNBC since it first signed on and was named president of the network in 2008. 

If you would have gone back a year ago and taken the bet that he would still be at MSNBC and Roger Ailes would be out at Fox News before would have been able to get great odds and made lost of money.