Deranged Man Delays Newscast

Newscasts have been knocked off the air, because a sports event ran long, or a power outage, or even nasty weather.

But, an Albuquerque station had to delay their newscast, because a man was pounding on the station door demanding to be let in. 

KOB says that the man breached the back lot of the station and tried to enter the building just as it was about to start.

The man started pounding on the front door demanding to be let in, then went through the back of the station and tried to enter the building.

The man was yelling out the Anchors names and the police were called. Albuquerque Police responded quickly to the scene and arrested the man on the station's property. 

Officers told the station the man may have had mental health issues.

"May have".....ummmm....OK. 

The newscast was then able to go on the air, although it was delayed for a bit.