Dust Off the Shelf...


Proving that Tegna owned WTSP in Tampa has completely given up on covering news, we offer up this story.

The station did a story on "Ghosting."

Now for those of you over the age of 25, "Ghosting" is when someone stops calling or texting you back.

Part of their Emmy award reporting includes this:

“I've (ghosted) multiple times,” said Kaitlynn Timmons. “Just because sometimes you realize that person isn't really compatible with you. So in order to let them off easy, you just kind of have to go ghost.”

“It's the easy way out for the ghoster, and it's the hurtful way out for the ghostee," said sex therapist and University of Tampa sociology professor Dr. Katie Schubert. "You're left with a lot of questions and very little closure."

The other thing that might soon be a ghost is the Tegna station's viewers. Check out this response to the station's latest story: