Prosecutors Looking at the Actions of Cleveland Reporter

Law enforcement in Ohio are looking into the actions of a Reporter at Cleveland's WOIO.

A report by the The Chronicle-Telegram says that prosecutors in Ohio are now reviewing surveillance video of a confrontation between WOIO Reporter Carl Monday and a woman who kicked him as he tried to interview her.

The Telegram says that the woman called 911 to say she had kicked Monday in the knee because he was holding a microphone in her car and wouldn’t let her close the door. She also claimed that Monday grabbed her arm in an “aggressive” way and stuck a camera in her face.

Monday was on an assignment looking for people involved with online scammers.

According to the 911 call, the woman said Monday told her he was a news reporter, but that she didn’t recognize him.

“I don’t know if he’s really the news, but he just followed us from one gas station to the other, came up to the car and would not let me get back in the car, so I kicked him in his leg and backed him away so I could close the door,” the woman said. “They’re saying they’re with the news … they literally chased us down talking about, are we a part of the case?”

Monday did not respond to requests for comment.