So Much for Credibility

This is what TV news has come to....

WTVJ (Miami) Reporter Jamie Guirola has been posting a pictures to his work Instagram account of him wearing Speedo.

“Well, I have thought about putting up these photos,” Guirola said when asked about his jamienbc6 Instagram account. Ten of the account’s last 30 photos feature Guirola on the beach, wearing little more than a grin. “I’ve received no complaints.”

The Miami Herald writes that the NBC O&O bosses are encouraging their reporters and anchors to post often on social media, both professional and personal content.

The station’s rules, says Guirola, are that members of the news team are not to post political content that would make them appear biased.

Speedo pics?

“They’re not inappropriate,” Guirola says. “I was on the beach having some fun.”

“Bloody hell,” retired WSVN Reporter Derek Hayward said when asked whether Guirola’s Instagram could affect his credibility on the job. “Is this what it’s come to? It makes you want to ask: What’s next? Female anchors doing the news in a bikini?

“The local news business is going into a showbiz angle, which is why I haven’t watched in two years. Guys [like Guirola] need to understand the news business is not a game.”

The NBC station has made no comment. 

Let's forget about the Reporter posting pictures that will make Walter Cronkite flip over one more time....what the hell is going on with this guy?