News Story or Car Commercial?

WREG in Memphis spent two minutes doing a story about leasing a car over buying and it came off more like a commercial for one of the big dealers in town. 

In the story, WREG says, "It fascinates me that more and more people aren't involved in leasing in the state of Tennessee." Principle Toyota's Todd Lochner will be happy to sell you a new or used car, but he said leasing is the best kept secret in his business, especially in Tennessee. "You can save a lot of money leasing a vehicle in the state of Tennessee. It's very consumer friendly."

Well, if you head to WREG's Facebook page, you can see that viewers are calling B.S. on the station's story. 

It seems that viewers saw right through this commercial which was disguised as a news story.

Proving that TV news viewers might be smarter then the stations give them credit for.