Different Name....Same Guy

Remember Greg Gullberg, who went by the on air name Greg Richards?

He's the guy that tried to pay FTVLive to take down stories about him on this website. Shortly after we posted that story, Gullberg/ Richards was fired from his job at WCYB.

Well, it appears that Gullberg changed his name again to "Greg Holiday" and landed a job as a Producer at KTVB in Boise. 

It was there, that he appeared to have some more problems.

Sources tell FTVLive that Gullberg/Richards/Holiday was let go after just a few months on the job after an altercation in the newsroom. 

Some in the newsroom wondered how he was hired in the first place. But, it appears that, by changing his name again, he was able to land the gig on Bosie. 

Now, he's looking for work again and we're guessing moving into another new name. 

Because...as of now....this Holiday has been cancelled.