WARNING: You Won't Be Able To Unsee This

If you're a fan of FTVLive, then you know we're a champion for solid, compelling, television. Not the ridiculous, salacious, crap that seems to permeate the airwaves, today.

Let's go to WOIO-TV in Cleveland. Carl Monday has been doing television in Cleveland for 40 years. His salary is estimated well into the six figures. He's supposed to be the guy that exposes corruption, holds the powerful accountable, and fights for the little guy.

Recently, FTVLive reported Monday has been producing schtick, instead of real news. Here he is interviewing a baseball mascot and here he is selling his trench coat.

Now, he's trying to one-up Ludicrous. We're not sure what's worse, that WOIO thinks this is good TV? Or that he creepily refers to himself as, "Uncle Carl".