Reporter Problems...

As a TV Reporter in the May book it can get very stressful.

But, it is nothing compared to the "real world" problems facing the female news talent at one Lexington station. 

WLEX Anchor Nancy Cox and some other on-air personalities have one preparation annually for the Kentucky Derby— deciding what to wear on air during the station’s day-long coverage from Churchill Downs.

“As soon as the spring clothes hit the shelves, I’m looking.  I’m panicking if I don’t have my dress picked up by the time Keeneland opens,” said Cox, the WLEX news anchor who will be on air starting at 8 a.m. Saturday at Churchill Downs.

But the big question is: What hat to wear?
“I came to terms with the reality years ago, that only one thing matters about my performance on Derby Day — how I look.  And of course, it’s all about the hat,” Cox said. 

So, just remember folks, no matter how stressed you are this May book, at least you are not in the awful position of trying to pick out a hat for the Kentucky Derby.

This is the real world shit that don't teach you in J-School.