Man Pulls Knife on TV Reporter

A man that posted about how he had to wait in traffic for a funeral procession of a fallen firefighter pulled a knife a NY Reporter that wanted to ask him about the post to his Facebook page? 

Jeremy Henggler posted to Facebook and complained that he was losing time and money due to traffic stemming from the funeral procession of FDNY Firefighter William Tolley, who was killed in the line of duty.

"Stuck in traffic for over an hour, with no escape options, all because some agent of the state died," the post read. He went on to describe firefighters as "parasites" and used a profanity in the post.

News 12 Long Island Reporter Virginia Huie attempted to get Henggler's side of the story, when he pulled a knife on the Reporter. 

"Get off my property," he said, before pulling a 6-inch blade out of a sheath strapped to his side.

Henggler approach Huie with the knife drawn. She called 911, and he was arrested and charged with menacing.

Looks like he's going to miss more time at work as he deals with his arrest in court.

Who's the parasite now Jeremy?

H/T News 12