Kelly vs. Kelly

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Lost in all the news coming out of Fox was the fact that former Fox News host Megyn Kelly started his first day at NBC on Monday. 

Kelly walked into the Peacock as a new full time employee yesterday and the network confirmed what everyone has known for months.

Kelly's daytime show at NBC will be on at 9AM.

This news surprises no one. When Tamron Hall walked out of NBC and her 9AM show on Today, everyone knew the time-slot was going to Kelly. 

This will put Kelly up against Kelly Ripa on ABC.

Yesterday, Ripa announced that her new co-host for Live would be Ryan know.... because Seacrest doesn't have enough jobs in broadcasting. 

“Kelly (Ripa) and Ryan are going to wipe the floor with Megyn,” an industry source told the NY Daily News yesterday. “There’s simply no way she can compete with that.”

At 9AM, Kelly will replace host Al Roker who until January anchored the hour with Hall.

Kelly has promised that her show will be much more hard hitting news and less fluff like the rest of the Today Show. 

NBC has not said whether Kelly's show will still be part of the Today Show umbrella in the title of the show.

But, here's what stands out.

You'll have Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie on set making chocolate chip cookies and then throw to Megyn Kelly's hard hitting "news" show. Then you come out of that show to Kathie Lee and Hoda eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking wine. 

How long before Kelly's show joins the rest of the fluff of Today?

I give it 6 months.

Like we said, the Megyn Kelly experiment at NBC has a good chance of failure.

Time will tell if we're right or not.

Stay tuned.....