Salt Lake City Anchor Says She's Sorry

A Salt Lake City Anchor that was arrested for DUI, went on the air last night (during ratings) to apologize for her "serious lapse in judgement."

Shauna Lake returned to the air for the first time since her arrest and told viewers she was sorry. Lake appeared emotional as she told viewers, “I drank alcohol after I got off work and then I chose to get behind the wheel of my car,” she said, explaining to viewers that she was arrested. "I’m ashamed and humiliated by my decision. It was selfish. I could have hurt someone else or myself.”

Lake then posted the aired apology on her Facebook page, where is has already racked up almost half a million views. 

"What I did was wrong, and I just hope that over time, night by night, you can learn to trust me again," Lake said in her apology.

Yet, earlier the same day, the Anchor pleaded not guilty in Court to DUI.

Her lawyer Jim Bradshaw said a thorough review of evidence has yet to be completed and it's too early to draw conclusions about what happened the night she was pulled over by a trooper.

Lake did not mention the fact that she was also charged with using license plates registered to another vehicle, according to the arresting officer. 

The Sinclair owned station refused to comment on their Anchor's arrest, but was more than happy to trot her out on the air, during the May book to give a teary apology. 

Just more from the hypocritical world of TV news, that changes the rules of Journalism, when the story is about them. 

Here's video of Lake's apology, which she feels could turn out to be the "most defining experience" of her life.