Murdoch to Rally The Troops at Fox News Today

The staff at Fox News has been invited to join the boss in Studio F Today, for a presentation to unveil plans for the first major Floor 2 overhaul in two decades.

Rupert Murdoch sent out an invite to the staff as he will be unveiling plans to renovate its second-floor newsroom in Manhattan.

Deadline says that the event is intended as a venue in which Murdoch will talk about moving the company forward, and its future.

After having been stung by a series of sexual harassment and racial discrimination lawsuits that have seen top executives pink-slipped and ratings magnet Bill O’Reilly put out to pasture, and with MSNBC ratings surging in the wake of Donald Trump White House internecine chaos, the Fox News crew could use the boost.

No word on how long the new project will take to complete.