Iowa Reporter Faces Jail Time for Shooting Video on Her Phone

Back on May 3rd, FTVLive told you that KWWL (Waterloo) Reporter Elizabeth Amanieh had been charged with contempt of court, for an incident in a Iowa courtroom. 

Amanieh was covering a case involving “The Bachelor” star Chris Soules appearing in court on a hit-and-run case.

The judge told Amanieh she couldn’t take video and that only photos would be permitted. Prosecutors contend that Amanieh violated the judge's order and used her phone to shoot video. The video later aired on her station. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Amanieh rejected a plea deal and is now headed to a trial that could get her a up to a $500 fine and 180 days in jail.

The plea agreement was said to be around $250 fine and no jail time. 

Amanieh continues to work at the station as her case plays out. KWWL news director Shane Moreland declined comment on what he called a "personnel matter."