We Told You....

A longtime Albuquerque announced his retirement yesterday. 

6 days ago, FTVLive told you he was going to and we even told you who would be replacing him. 

Longtime KOB Anchor Tom Joles says that he is hanging it up on June 7th. 

"While it saddens me greatly to leave our newsroom, New Mexico and you, it's time," Tom said. "It's time to let someone a little younger sit in this anchor chair, and it's time for me to attack life from a different angle.

"My wife Pat and I will be moving back to Wisconsin, in great part to be with my 87-year-old mother. As New Mexicans, I know you understand the importance of family."

FTVLive has already reported that KRGV Reporter Steve Soliz is headed to New Mexico to take over for Joles.

As for Joles, he says, "I'm not ready to say goodbye just yet ..... so I hope over the next three weeks, you'll be there watching the news as I make my way down the final stretch."

When the station announces that they hired Soliz, try to act surprised, ok? It's still supposed to be a secret.