Now They Get to Play with The Storm Ranger

As FTVLive has told you, NBC has a number of high price Doppler radar trucks that they share amongst their stations.

While the stations want viewers to believe that each station has their own "Storm Ranger" the truth is that they all have to share.

In the East, the Storm Ranger is shared by WNBC, NBC's Boston station, WCAU in Philly, WTVJ in Miami and WVIT in Hartford. 

That means, when big weather hits the Northeast, WVIT has little or no chance of getting to play with the Storm Ranger. The truck will surely be used by either NY, Boston or Philly. 

But yesterday, with no bad weather in the area....WVIT got the chance to have the Storm Ranger for the day. So, they sent the truck out to Stonington and set up the live Doppler to show viewers that it was sunny and nice outside. 

Because you know, without a high priced gadget like Storm Ranger, viewers never would have figured that out?

Besides maybe sticking their head out the window.