Plain and Simple.... It's Wrong

On Friday, FTVLive showed you a picture posted on Facebook by WNEM (Saginaw) Producer Michael Turner.

For some reason Turner thought people would enjoy seeing him in his underwear. Whether they did or not, we're fairly certain his bosses at WNEM were less than happy with the posting. 

After our story, one person tried to call FTVLive out:

Again, it is a generation that loves to overshare and does not get it. Turner is a representative of the TV station.  Everything he does, reflects on the station he works at. 

If Turner worked for himself or maybe a less public company? Go ahead knock yourself out with pictures of you in your skivvies. But, if you work in TV news, you need to show decorum. I'm sorry that's just the way it is. 

We tried to follow up with the poster that took us to task:

First off, read our original story, we never said the photo was obscene. It was in bad taste and it was not right for a person that works in TV news.

I can assure you that Turner's bosses were not happy with the pictures. You may not think it's fair, but if this is the profession you chose to go into, then you might think about keeping your clothes on. 

Just saying....