Beware of Sinclair

The left leaning website Shareblue does not mince words when it comes to talking about Sinclair.

Shareblue writes, Sinclair has a "history of feeding their audiences a steady diet of pro Republican, pro-Trump propaganda...."

IN a warning about Sinclair's proposed deal to buy the Tribune stations, Shareblue writes, When the deal is approved, Sinclair will own 223 television stations in 108 media markets, with a footprint in 39 of the top 50 markets, giving it the ability to send its message to 72 percent of American households. Giving this type of broadcast power to Sinclair is troubling, as it will help to fulfill one of Trump’s authoritarian dreams: A television network devoted to him and his exclusionary message.

They close out the story by saying, The Trump administration rewards those who demonstrate loyalty to Trump, and they have shown that in spades. Sinclair now has the opportunity to operate as his digital mouthpiece across most of America, and he is near certain to give them the thumbs up, while waging war against free speech rights of those who challenge him.

In the ongoing information war, Trump and Sinclair are poised to go nuclear.