The Old Fart is Sticking Around in Buffalo

WKBW Anchor Keith Radford was going to call it a day at the end of this year at the Scripps station.

But, now Radford says he's going to stay a bit longer. 

"Nobody wants to leave," said Radford. "Everybody needs some experience and credibility so the old farts are sticking around. I'm very fortunate that they'll keep me."

WKBW was the longtime number 1 station that was run into the ground by Granite Broadcasting. The station was bought out by Scripps, but the ratings damage was done and WKBW remains in dead last place. 

Radford says  the station is "better than ever" even if the improvement hasn't moved the ratings needle much.

"I think I'm going to do another year," said Radford told the Buffalo News. "It's not in writing. I've had a discussion (with General Manager Mike Nurse). It is year to year as long as they want me."

Nurse confirmed the conversation, saying he left the ball in Radford's court.

I told him, "whatever he wants to do, we'll do,' " said Nurse. "'It is your decision.' He told us he was considering retirement but is enjoying his new shift and the new newsroom."

As a result, Nurse said Radford agreed to stay at least the extra year.

"I get to do three shows a day. As long as they like me, I'll do whatever. I still like it, so what the heck."