Sinclair Settles Lawsuit with Consulting Company

Sinclair has reached a settlement in a copyright lawsuit with the consulting firm it used to handle fashion “emergencies” at its TV news stations several years ago.

Court records show Hunt Valley-based Sinclair reached an agreement with Colour Basis earlier this week.

The terms of the settlement were not available. 

Colour Basis and its CEO, Christi Schreiber, had alleged that Sinclair and its vice president, Scott Livingston, had intentionally set out to deceive Colour Basis by using its copyrighted style guide without ever following up on a consulting deal with the company.

The dispute stems from the conditions attached to the style guide that Colour Basis sent to Sinclair, as Judge Blake noted that each party casts a different version of events.

Livingston claimed that during a 2013 phone call, he told Schreiber he would pay a flat fee for the style guide and have full rights. According to Schreiber, however, any copies of a PDF-only style guide would have to be printed through her, and she was amenable to a reduced price from $25,000 to $15,000 because of a future group deal between the companies.

While the case was slowly winding it's way through the courts, it appears the two sides have now agreed on a settlement. 

H/T Law 360 , The Daily Record