Salt Lake City Anchor Busted for DUI

A popular Salt Lake City Anchor was off the air during May sweeps.

Her reason for missing a newscast during the book? She was busted by police for DUI.

Anchor Shauna Lake Marshall was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of DUI, having an open container in a vehicle on a highway, using plates registered to another car and failing to register or driving with an expired registration.

Lake did answer the phone Wednesday but did not comment about the arrest. No charges had been filed as of Wednesday evening.

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper noticed a white Land Rover was traveling under the speed limit on I-215 in the far left lane about 12:18 a.m. Wednesday, according to a Salt Lake County Jail report.

The vehicle was moving east near 1200 East and after making a traffic stop, the trooper could smell "the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle," the report states. No passengers were inside.

The driver had "red, bloodshot eyes," the trooper wrote, and a clear plastic cup with a straw sticking out was visible on the center console of the vehicle. Lake said the cup was empty and handed it to the trooper.

"I smelled the liquid which was in the cup and it smelled like an alcoholic beverage," the report states.

Lake said she had taken two sips of an alcoholic drink prior to driving and later said the clear cup contained beer, which she had split with another person, according to the report.

The trooper conducted field sobriety tests. "During the Nine Step Walk and Turn, (Lake) left the starting position, stepped off the line, missed heel to toe, made an improper turn and started the test too early," the trooper wrote. She also allegedly swayed while standing on one leg.

Reached late Wednesday, KUTV news director Mike Garber said the station does not comment on personnel issues.

He also declined to comment on Lake's employment status.

You know...because the communications business. 

The station did report on their Anchor's arrest. Anchor Mark Koelbel appeared to be holding back his emotions as he told viewers the news.