Pittsburgh Anchor Shares Some Bad and Sad News

Back in March, FTVLive told you that WTAE (Pittsburgh) Anchor Kelly Frey was in a fight with breast cancer. 

This week, she posted an update for viewers on her social media and it was not good news.

Frey wrote, last Thursday, I received somewhat devastating news during my surgical oncologists appointment.
It was painful. 
And it was raw.
I've needed a few days to digest what we've learned and to talk with my medical oncologist , who immediately called me early Friday morning and whom we met with yesterday.
There's no easy way to say it...The tumor in my right breast isn't shrinking.

I debated whether to reveal this or when.

But the truth is, my game plan for treatment is rapidly changing and the next few weeks will be critical.

After the ultra sound Thursday that revealed the tumor has stayed the same size, I was at first monotone, numb and my head spinning.

What do you mean it's not shrinking??? I've had 3 rounds of Adriamycin and Cytoxan, some of the most powerful chemotherapy there is! I've been a good soldier. I'm drinking water and taking my supplements and eating healthier.

I was also really mad at myself for being so naive! Naive to assume that just because you are getting drugs that make you go bald, throw up, have dizziness and light, smell, sound sensitivity and headaches for days...that the drugs are also killing the cancer.

She writes that So, the chemo treatment plan is changing and it begins immediately. As long as my echocardiogram comes back normal, I'll proceed to a different round of drugs this Friday. No more AC.

So, as of this Friday I'll be getting 3 chemo drugs. One I was already slated to get, Taxol, and two others thrown in. It won't be fun. And the day will be incredibly long...roughly 4 hours of straight chemo in addition to bloodwork etc. Quite frankly, I'm hoping to sleep if I can with some ear plugs. I just don't want to think about all the stuff that's being pumped into me and we're also praying I dont have any adverse reactions.
Then the watching and waiting begins...

I'll start getting this new chemo every week immediately and in 4-6 weeks we'll see if it is working. No doubt, these will be 4-6 long weeks. 

Frey also shared the fact that she got some new eyelash extensions as her current ones are falling out due to the chemotherapy.

Showing that she still has a sense of humor through all of this, she writes:

So back to that photo I first shared. As I always say, there's a bright side to everything, even chemo.
I'm loving not having hair.
That goes for-let's be blunt ladies- not having to shave too! But I was starting to loose my eyelashes and I'm still scared at the prospect of having to glue on fake lashes for work. I might seal my eye shut or have those things falling off on air! So, I treated myself instead to having extensions put on. It's the little things that boost your spirits. And for now in the wake of some unexpected news last week, if lush lashes in the midst of chemo do the trick?
So be it!
The fight is still on!!
And I'm re-energized and ready! 
And to everyone who has been affected by cancer, I encourage you too, to soldier on. 
We got this. 
Have a blessed day everyone.

We wish her nothing but the best in the fight.