Houston Weather Anchor Makes Her Own Clothes

Female talent on television get criticized for what they wear all the time. While the male talent barely hears a peep. 

One Houston Weather Anchor might take both the criticism and the compliments a little more to heart.

That's because KRIV Meteorologist Lisa Vaughn designs and makes many of the clothes she wears on TV.

 Vaughn is also a talented seamstress who makes her own clothes and can do so for not much money.

The Weather Anchor shares many of her designs on her social media and they rack up hundreds of likes.

“I really started sewing a lot when I was in college,” Vaughn tells Yahoo Style. “For the last 10 or 12 years, I’ve been sewing. But I have a math and stats background — this is just my hobby.”

On Tuesday, Vaughn shared a selfie in which she wears a long-sleeved cloud-print dress she created for just $24.

Clouds? Wonder where she got the inspiration for that dress?