Gannett Wants FBI To Help With Facebook

This is a head scratcher, of sorts. Gannett has asked the FBI to investigate a wave of fake Facebook accounts that are following the newspaper.

We're not sure what the FBI has to do with fake Facebook accounts, but Gannett is pissed that when FB did it's latest sweep of the fakes, it lost more than half of its followers. Granted, if the scammers actually defraud someone out of money or a product, there's a crime, but so far, a fake account isn't a crime by itself.

We have a suggestion for Gannett: Don't be so concerned about how many followers you have. Be more concerned about how you treat your employees and the content you produce. And for God's sake, stop wasting the FBI's time on ridiculous complaints. 

We're thinking the FBI might be a bit busy right about now....