It's About Damn Time....

Word is that on Today's show, Kelly Ripa will finally announce the name of the person that will be her permanent cohost.

In a video Ripa posted to Twitter, she said, “Tune in tomorrow, trust me,” she says in the clipwhile sipping from a mug with her name and a large question mark drawn on it. The tweet’s text reads, “We’re going to need a bigger mug.”

You may remember that Ripa went into full 2nd grader hissy fit when her last cohost Michael Strahan escaped....errrrrr...... left to join Good Morning America. 

Since then Ripa's huge ego would not allow anyone to be named as permanent host of the show. 

But now, it appears that she is finally going to let that happen and will make the big announcement this morning.

FTVLive will not be watching, because we don't care. 

How little do we care about this story?

It is posted below the story of FTVLive getting a new office chair.