Lucky 7....Maybe Not

Last night Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox News had a total of 7 ads.


To give you an idea how fast advertisers are fleeing O'Reilly, let's look at the week.

On Monday, The O'Reilly Factor had 31 ads in his show. Tuesday in dropped to 28, Wednesday in was 23 and then just 7 last night.

Now, the last 15 minutes of his show were preempted for news about the airstrikes on Syria. What was strange was how O'Reilly ended his show. 

About the 45 minute mark, O'Reilly threw to a commercial break and they effectively just ended the show without any warning. When the show returned from break, Shepard Smith was covering the Syria attacks that happened earlier. 

It was a strange end to what has been a very bad week for O'Reilly and Fox News. 

With almost all national brands pulling their spots and the pressure on Fox News to do something about their chauvinist star, it will be interesting to see what happens next week. 

Will the story die down, or is the heat just starting to rise?

Stay tuned....