Last month, FTVLive told you that Nexstar had been very busy hiring (and firing) new General Managers for their stations. 

We pointed out that Nexstar seems to prefer to hire old white men and not a single recent GM hire has been African American.

So, when Nexstar announced they made a new GM hire for their stations in  Mobile/Pensacola, we held out hope. 

The company announced that Jesse Grear will be the new General Manager of their du-op stations WKRG/WFNA.

Grear was coming to Nexstar from a station in Selma, Alabama. The same Selma that Martin Luther King Jr started his historic march in 1965. 

We, were excited, we thought that maybe, just maybe,  Nexstar moved into this century and might have hired a black man, or, oh God, maybe even a black woman to fill one of their GM jobs? 

So, we ran to Google and did a search for Jesse Grear and wanted to see a photo. 

We found him and guess what?

Another old white guy.