Advertisers Continue to Flee O'Reilly

"I'm not sure he survives this," a top TV Agent said to FTVLive. 

The Agent was talking about Fox News star Bill O'Reilly and his future at the network. 

What started as a trickle is now a full blown gusher, 50 have pulled their spots from FNC's The O'Reilly Factor and the list continues to grow.

Many think this is the end for the egotistical one. 

But it is?

O'Reilly pulls in three and a half million viewers many nights on Fox News. He is the highest rated on the network by far. O'Reilly is loved by the right and hated on the left. 

Many think this latest attack is just another "left wing hit job."

If Bill O'Reilly left Fox News or was fired, what would be the impact? 

There is no doubt that FNC would not instantly lose his 3+ million viewers. When Megyn Kelly left Fox News and was replaced with Tucker Carlson, viewership grew. 

Kelly was nowhere near the league of O'Reilly, but still, his leaving would not be a death blow for Fox News. 

The Fox News faithful love Fox News, they are still going to watch if Bill O'Reilly is there or not. But, how many would tune out?

That is the question being asked in the Fox News boardrooms. The suits at FNC know that O'Reilly's stock has taken a huge hit and it is costing them ad dollars. They are trying to decide if the network is better off with, or without him?

A number of women working at Fox News think the network should fire him. "They need to do the right thing," a female Fox News employee told FTVLive. "They need to fire him," she added.

But, firing Bill O'Reilly is like asking the Chicago Bulls to fire Micheal Jordan. He's the star. 

Whether he stays or goes, there is no doubt that O'Reilly's image is tainted. He has lost many people's respect and that in itself hurts Fox News as a whole. 

Fox News is stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to figure out what to do? Right now, they are meeting, but also waiting to see if this storm grows, or passes over. 

Right now, as advertisers continue to pull out and denounce O'Reilly, it appears the severe weather warnings might be around for a while.

Stay tuned...