We'll Do It Live

Speaking of Tegna....

It seems that the Tegna consultants have decided the best way to get viewers is more live shots.

So, does that mean that Tegna is spending boatloads of money on new live equipment?


No,,,,,stations like Tegna's WTLV in Jacksonville has come up with a much cheaper solution. They are sending out two Reporters with one live truck. 

So, Reporter one does their live shot from the actual location of the story. Then the camera is swung around in a different direction, where Reporter 2 does an "active stand up" with a generic backdrop. 

Tegna doesn't think viewers will notice.

Here's live shot sheet from WTLV's Monday newscasts and obtained by FTVLive. You can see how the station is assigning two Reporters to one truck. 

Tegna could save even more money if they just have the Reporters do look lives from the chroma key wall. Then again, we should most likely not be giving them any ideas.

Also, remember the May book is coming and the station's News Director needs your story ideas now. 

BTW- should we be worried that the ND is all excited because the station actually covered some NEWS?