Unlucky in Love

Fox News Correspondent Rick Leventhal does not have much luck when it comes to love.

One time, Leventhal was slated to be married in Las Vegas and was left at the alter as his wife to be got cold feet. 

Leventhal finally did get married, but that ended in divorce. 

Back in June, FTVLive told you that Leventhal's luck had changed and that he was marrying pro poker player Beth Shak in Las Vegas.

Well, not even a year into it and Shak has filed for divorce. 

Shak, who famously has a $1 million shoe collection, filed paperwork in Manhattan citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to her divorce attorney Nancy Chemtob, who declined to comment further.

In a statement Leventhal said: “I’m heartbroken our marriage didn’t work out and I only wish her happiness.”

She’d said of Leventhal after they married, “I didn’t think men like him existed anymore!”

Don't worry Rick...the third, forth or fifth time will be the charm. 

H/T Page Six