Here is Why Fox News Needs to Fire Bill O'Reilly

What started as a small wave is becoming a tsunami at Fox News and the O'Reilly Factor.

After a blistering story of FNC star Bill O'Reilly and charges of sexual harassment and payouts made to women totaling at least $13 million bucks, Mercedes-Benz stepped forward and said they were pulling their ad dollars from O'Reilly's show. 

Then Hyundai did the same, then it was BMW, Lexus and Mitsubishi. The non car making companies joined the Bill O Boycott. 

T. Rowe Price and Allstate said they are not going to advertise on his show. 

Fox News came out and said that it stands behind their star, but obviously, over 20 advertisers do not. 

The O'Reilly story follows up on a number of stories about other payouts made to women that claimed they were sexually harassed by former Fox News boss Roger Ailes. 

3 more women have sued Fox News for racial discrimination that they claimed they endured under longtime FNC comptroller Judith Slater. Slater has since been fired from Fox. 

There is no doubt that Fox News is in a crisis and they have to do something to stop it. 

What they need to do is fire Bill O'Reilly. 

When all the Roger Ailes accusations started flying, Fox News tried to dig in and protect their boss. Soon it became clear that Ailes needed to go. Fox News let Ailes "resign" and gave him millions and millions of dollars as a parting gift to walk away. 

Yes, Ailes was gone, but he was more like he was nudged out the door with a huge pile of cash. 

Many women felt Ailes should have been shunned and "resigning" no PR crap, just "FIRED" and that's it. 

Ailes has been gone since last year and FNC is still dealing with the fallout. Lawsuits continue to pile up and FNC's image is severely tarnished. 

Fox News needs to show people that they are serious about changing the culture at the network. The best way they can do that is fire Bill O'Reilly.

By sacking your biggest star, you send a clear message to everyone inside and outside the network that you no longer stand for the mistreatment of women. 

Don't let O'Reilly "resign" him!

You can do all the HR training you want. You can set up 10 Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment hotlines, but it still does not show you're serious.

You need to cut off the head, for the body to die.

Fox News needs and should fire Bill O'Reilly and show, that when it comes to women, they really do care.

If O'Reilly continues at Fox News, it shows that all this other stuff is just a giant smoke screen.

Will Fox News do what's right? Or will they continue to stand behind their star?

Stay tuned....