CNN Piles On O'Reilly/Fox News

CNN loves controversy at a cable news network, as long as it isn't their own. 

CNN's medis critic Brian Stelter ignores the controversies at CNN, but goes wall to wall when they are happening at Fox News. 

In is nightly newsletter, Setler has done almost 40 (40!) stories on Fox News and Bill O'Reilly in the past two days.

CNN has a number of lawsuits against them for racial discrimination and Stelter hasn't touched those stores. 

The only thing that Stelter has mentioned more than O'Reilly in his news letter is....well......Brian Stelter.

No one writes the words, "I" and "me" more than big ego media critic. 

The only good news, is the O'Reilly story has replaced Stelter's Donald Trump obsession for the time being. Stelter is like a toddler that can only focus on one shinny object at a time. 

Right now, Bill O'Reilly is twisting in the wind and Stelter can't take his eyes off of him. 

There is no doubt that Fox News is dealing with a PR crisis, but it's almost like Stelter and the gang at CNN are rejoicing in it and smiling ear to ear. 

It's like CNN can't beat Fox News in the ratings, but they can show they are a bigger bully. 

How about sticking to covering the news and maybe clean up your house, before lobbing stones at Fox?

Just saying....