Changes in Lafayette

It appears that Fox is taking a back seat at Lafayette du-op KLAF/KADN. 

The stations unveiled a new news set and it appears that the NBC/Fox Du-op is putting a much bigger focus on NBC.

According to an insider, here are some of the changes being made at the stations:
1. The umbrella title for their newscasts is "News 15."
2. The morning show on KLAF (from 5 to 7 AM) is simulcast on KADN, and also, a separate newscast is produced from 7 to 9 AM on KADN only.
3. The 9 PM newscast on KADN is now one hour.
KLAF is the NBC station, and KADN is the FOX affiliate. KADN is now one of a handful of Fox stations that don't include the network's name in their newscasts.

It appears that owner Bayou City Broadcasting is putting more stock in NBC, then Fox. 

Evening Anchor Danielle Grossman tweeted out pictures on the stations new set. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.26.07 AM.png