The Boston Whiteout

Sources tell FTVLive that NBC's new Boston station is coming under fire for a promo that they aired to help launch the station. 

The promo starts out with the line, "we started with this team."

Notice there is not a single black person in the picture.

Then the promo says, " now, we're introducing this team."

They finally added a few black staffers, but they were grouped together and segregated into the back corner. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Boston area black community leaders pointed out the obvious gaffe and that the station has pulled the promo.

Insiders claim that, "black talent, recruited by NBC corporate, was later systematically demoted and marginalized by NBC Boston local management."

The idea that someone could not see there was a problem in the promo is a bit head scratching, especially for an NBC O&O.

Here is the promo as it aired: