Arrested Florida Reporter Back at Work

FTVLive FIRST told you that WBBH (Ft. Myers) Anchor/Reporter Lucas Seiler was arrested over the weekend for beating up his husband with a shoe. 

After spending some time behind bars, Seiler got out in time to make it to work on Monday. Although, we can find no mention of Seiler's arrest on WBBH's website, it appears that Fool Hand Luke, did cover a couple of stories yesterday. 

He filled one story about a part of a road getting new street lights (look out Emmy) and a report about how one county is using old traffic data when it comes to dealing with traffic problems.

While appearing on camera, you could not see the injury to his neck that was visible in his mugshot. 

Now, you would think that a station that just had their Reporter arrested, might have pulled him from the air while they investigate why their employee was taken to jail?

But, it appears that WBBH didn't really care about that. Besides, there was huge news about street lights and traffic jams that needed to be covered. 

At least, the station didn't have him covering a story about footwear.

So there's that.....