Now That Ain't Cool.... (Updated)

FTVLive is a blog that is designed to highlight the good things people in the press are doing and also hold the media accountable.

That is supposedly the idea behind other TV blogs as well. 

But what happens when a TV blog throws ethics out the window?

That is what happened last week on blog TVSpy. The blog posted a story, written by Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel about a former Birmingham Sports Anchor that taking on a coaching role with Reel Media Group.

Mike Raita was sacked from Sinclair owned WBMA and will now work coaching talent for Reel Media Group.

The story, written by Siegel (pictured) says, "Reel Media Group is a broadcast coaching and mentorship agency committed to guiding broadcasters and digital storytellers of the future."

What the story does not say that Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel works for and is the founder of the Reel Media Group.

How does such a lack of Journalism ethics make it online to blog that is about Journalism ethics? The story carried no disclaimer, citing the author's role with the company and even if there were a disclaimer, the story is so far out of bounds, it should have never been done in the first place. 

It was nothing more then a promotion by the author for a company that she owns. 

How, does this happen? Is there no vetting process at TVNewser/TVSpy? Also, if this is what Reel Media Group teaches young Journalists....this is nothing that they should be signing up for. 

Update: After FTVLive posted the story, Siegel updated her story to now say she was the founder of Reel Media.

Sadly, that should have been included in the first draft and not 4 days later. 

Here's a screen shot of how the original story read and how it reads now. Notice how she also now has linked to the website of the company she owns/

First draft"

And after the FTVLive story: