Gone.... Again

This is the story that FTVLive wrote back in July of 2015:

About a year ago, FTVLive told you that WIS (Columbia) viewers were not happy when they heard that the station was kicking Anchor Ben Hoover to the curb.

Viewers posted to social media and some even showed up and protested the station for dumping Hoover.

The station even went so far to release a statement saying they could not say anything:  

"During the last several days much has been posted on social media about Ben Hoover's departure from WIS news, much of it erroneous. However, we simply cannot engage in a public conversation regarding details of Ben's departure from WIS TV. It is a private personnel matter."

Well then in January, WJZY (Charlotte) announced that they were hiring Hoover as an Anchor. They even had a party welcoming him to the station. 

Word is that Hoover had a hard time showing up for work.  So the station parted ways with him after just 3 months. Hoover claimed on his facebook page that the job was only temporary.  But who throws a party for a temp?  Who sends out a press release on a temp? 

Sorry, but we are not buying it. 

Well now, Hoover has come full circle and has landed back in Columbia at WOLO.

Let's see how long this one last.

Well, as we expected it did not last very long. Hoover had been missing from the air for a while and emails to FTVLive said he was gone. 

As to where he went? Well, who really knows. 

Hoover emailed the local paper to say that he is leaving television altogether.

“I was presented an opportunity with a well-established local company here in Columbia,” Hoover said.

While providing no details about his new job, Hoover said no one is more thrilled than his wife and children who will have dad at home in the evenings again.

Somehow, we get a strong feeling that we're not getting the full story on this one either. 

Just saying....