Well....if you are wondering if May sweeps is getting ready to start, you can wonder no more. 

WPMI (Mobile) sent out this alert to their viewers:

So, what is this "shocking trend" on Facebook that is leaving people "shock"?

It's killing yourself on Facebook Live.

Since there is more than a billion people on Facebook and a couple of disturbed users killed themselves, it is not a "trend."

In fact it's really not even news. 

What news value does this story have? Isn't covering a suicide a news taboo? Aren't you just giving ideas to other people that might want to copy this? Did you do the story for news value, or did you do it because you knew that using the word "shock" twice in one sentence would get people to tune in?

FTVLive is asking the tough questions....does any manager from this Sinclair station want to answer them?