Jesse Watters Joins Bill O'Reilly on "Vacation"

Fox News host Jesse Watters is going on vacation....wink, wink. 

Watters found himself in hot water after making a comment about "first lady" Ivanka Trump.

After a clip ran of Ivanka speaking, Watters said on the air, "I really like how she was speaking into that microphone."  

There was little doubt as to what he was implying, but after catching some heat, he tried to cover up the sexist comment, saying, he meant that her voice "resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ." 

Not many were buying that.

Despite the fact that FNC's "The Five" in which Watters is part of, just moved to prime time this week, Watters announced he is going on vacation until next week. 

Now, why would Fox News, who just moved "The Five" to a key spot on the schedule, let one of their talent take time off in the first week?

It appears that Watters "vacation," might be more like a suspension, if you ask us. 

If he shows up at the Vatican  talking to the Pope, then  you will know.

Stay tuned....

Here's the clip, if you haven't seen it.